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Maven and debian repositories for some random projects.

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  • Debian repository (home to the temperature-machine)
  • Maven

    The Maven repository contains a set of simple tools to make life a bit easier. All available to Maven via the. These are getting old now and were occasionally blogged about at bad.robot.

    A summary of a few below:


    A simple way to build a HTTP client and work with the HTTP verbs;

        HttpResponse response = anApacheClient().with(username, password).get(url,
                header("Accept", "application/json"),

    Will create a HTTP client, perform a GET with an Accept header and populate a simple HttpResponse object that can be interrogated. We have Matchers to help with your testing too!


    A set of classes useful for development focusing on domain driven development (al la Evans et al). Probably the best bit is advocating value types and never passing around the 'simple' types again;

    DirectoryNumber number = directoryNumber("07786 114232");


    A way of collecting Concordion tests in one or more 'overview' style pages. Show the overall results and the list of tests in one place, grouped however you like.

    See the manual


    A quick way to work with Excel sheets from Java; a set of intuitive builders and value types to quickly modify and test sheets.

    For example

       HSSFWorkbook workbook = getWorkbook("original.xls");
       new PoiWorkbookMutator(workbook)
          .replaceCell(coordinate(A, 1), "Hello")
          .replaceCell(coordinate(B, 1), "World");
       assertThat(workbook, is(sameWorkBook(getWorkbook("expected.xls"))));

    A break in the matcher would show something like

          Expected: value 'World' at Cell B1
          got: value 'world'


    An overly plain skin for Maven generated sites.